Saat membacakan puisi Belahan Jantungku di Kafe Oeang, Jakarta


Hello! My name is Kenya. I am a writer live in rural area of South Tangerang, Indonesia. I have a baby daughter named Nyala. Nyalaterang is my pseudonym, I really like it, it represents my whole personality.

I was working (mainly) as writer back in my office days but now I am a self-proclaimed creative being. If I can sum up what I am it would be: a multipotentialite!  I have deep interests in natural skincare regime, philosophy, psychology, journalism, cultural studies, and many other things!!!

I am now working from home; doing translation, research, blogging, writing (biography, scripts, reports, shorts, articles – well basically I write almost anything), reading, and all those creative people’s stuffs.  Juggling like a juggler? I am juggling like a mother!

Actually, I started blogging since 2009 but it was on and off, hot and cold in Katy Perry’s words. But for creative being, it is always better late than never! Here, I pour my story about stuffs that I find inspiring. Welcome and enjoy your stay!